Token Economy

The Success of the Anthill Community is connected to the success of the Ant Token and vice versa. This aligns with the interests of everyone that is part of the Anthill Ecosystem.
The Ant Token (ANTT) is an algorithmic token that gains 10% of its value a year.
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At every moment, the algorithm calculates the target price of the ANTT and decides if it needs to contract or expand the liquidity of the ANTT in the market (Liquidity Pool).
When the value of the ANTT is higher than the target price, the algorithm needs to expand the liquidity and, therefore, MINT new tokens (In cryptocurrency, minting is a decentralised method that enables the algorithm to generate a new token).
When the value of the ANTT is lower than the target price, the algorithm needs to create scarcity of the ANTT in the Liquidity Pool. We reward liquidity providers with incentives to remove ANTT from the liquidity pool and purchase our ANTB and ANTC tokens.

New-minted tokens distribution

90% goes to Anthill Community Treasury, and 10% goes to Anthill HQ. Anthill HQ is the UK limited company that has designed, developed and financed the Anthill DAO. Anthill HQ receives these tokens to fund new developments, finance marketing campaigns, pay the team, etc.

The 90% of ANTT that goes into the Community Treasury is utilised for:

• Paying Rewards to community members (incentives).
• Investing in Community Projects (Working Proposals).
• Our UCI (Universal Contribution Income) is paid to members.
• Participating in the ANTT/UST and ANT/MATIC Liquidity Pool
• Increasing the Treasury Cash Reserve
• Purchasing of Digital assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Matic), having BTC and other quality digital assets create an extra level of stability for the ANTT. This makes the Ant Token an algorithmic token that is partially backed by Bitcoin and other Cryptos which can be used to passively and actively stabilise the value of the ANTT in the market.
Community members can utilise their tokens in the Anthill Marketplace, in the coworking and co-studio spaces, in the metaverse, in our learn by doing system or exchange them for traditional fiat currencies ( $ £ € etc.).

Micro Fees

There are micro fees every time a smart contract is used. Together with the other earnings made by Anthill Treasury, those fees, when possible, are burned (destroyed to create scarcity) or used to purchase digital assets (BTC).