Organisations, Groups etc can join Anthill with their own identities
Colonies are groups formed by people or organisations around a common interest. On Anthill we could have a colony for photographers, for the London Photographers and so on, similar to Groups we have on Facebook. But we can also have the Musician Union (UK) and Clock Your Skills as a colony. Having a colony is the best way to keep your Organisation's Identity within the Anthill Community while giving your members access to Anthill Ecosystem.

Colonies are Centralised or Decentralised:

• Groups • Organisations • Companies • Collectives • Communities • Charities • Projects
Each Ant account can own a set amount of colonies according to their Ranking but can be part of an unlimited number of colonies. For example, an Anthill member (Ant) could have the colony of their company, of their art collective, of their group of interest (for example, NYC Filmmakers), of their music band. And can be part of any Colony present in the Anthill Community. Colonies can be open or private.

Colony Names have financial value

Same as domain names, Colony Names have a value. Anthill will give those names out for sale as NFT at the higher bidder through our auction system. Those Names (NFT) can be resold or rented out, but 50% of the earnings generated by the resale and rent goes back to the Anthill Community. This is to remove speculative trading over the names and to give space to genuine groups and organisations as well as contribute to the community financially.


• Keep the Organisation, Company, etc identity within the Anthill Community • Match Making Tool for Colony (get connected with people that could be interested in becoming members of your Colony) • Early Adopters* get their Colony Name for Free • Earn a passive income by contributing to the Anthill Community • Access to Anthill Social Tools as Colony • Access to Anthill Marketplace as Colony • Access to Anthill Financial Tools (Defi) as Colony • Give your members voting power to make decisions within your Colony (Optional) • Participating in the governance as a Colony means representing your colony member's votes. (Members can decide if delegate their vote to the colony)

Optional Benefits:

• Internal advanced governance system for the Colony • Own token, pegged or not pegged to the Ant Token

*Early Adopters:

Committing your Organisation to become part of the Anthill before the launch day, allows you to get the Colony Name of your organisation for free. Interested? Get in touch via our Discord Server.