How to Contribute Today

Each one of us is responsible for the success of Anthill
There are, and there will be, many ways that each one of us can contribute in making Anthill become a great and prosperous home for all of us. This page will be kept updated with new ways to contribute. Please keep checking it.
“The only way to make a new road is to walk it.” - Admiral Katrina Cornwell | Star Trek
We need to grow the number of Ants in our community for long-term success. We are placing a big focus and effort on inviting minorities and diversity, but not solely. This is extremely important; please never underestimate this. To achieve the diversity and inclusion we want, each of us needs to put time and attention into removing obstacles that we have. Bias is an easy trap we all fall in to.
Start Ranking up by contributing now.

Call of Action:

  • Share Anthill website with your fellow creatives.
  • Invite them to join the queue and be the first to join Anthill the day we launch. (sign up)
  • Join Anthill Discord Server introduce yourself to the community and contribute to the discussions.
  • Become an Anthill Ambassador, be a point of reference in your circle.
  • If you or if you know anyone that could help Anthill with the app development, investment, social media management and content creation, writing articles for the blog, helping with the gamification of the platform and so forth, please get in touch and make the introduction.
  • NFT designers. We will reward our early adopters with some limited edition NFTs. We are looking for high profile visual artists that would like to contribute and create a few collections. We also need NFTs for our Ranking System, Ants will receive NFT Badges for their achievements.
  • Anthill Discord Server Manager, we need more people to help us look after Community Discord Server. This means creating events, starting discussions useful for the community, keeping the community engaged, and answering questions.
  • Our Blog needs content. If you like to write about creative subjects, the creative industry, diversity and inclusion, health and wellbeing, tips and tricks for artists, decentralisation, blockchain, NFT, metaverse, or if you would like to share your story. Please submit your work by getting in touch on our Discord Server.
  • Before going live with the final platform, we will need to increase the ANT Token liquidity pool. This is an open invitation to every Ants to become a liquidity pool provider. If you are or know of crypto investors, this is the best opportunity to get Ant Tokens and support Anthill financially.