Learn through work
Anthill has partnered with CLOCK to support your professional development. CLOCK is a ground-breaking programme designed for people who learn and develop their skills through creative and professional work. Internationally recognised qualification up to PhD level at 1/3 of the price.
And not thanks to the Anthill Token Economy and Metaverse, costs can be recovered and/or financed. On Anthill, Learning is Earning.

What is CLOCK?

CLOCK, or ‘Collective Learning Open Curriculum Kit’, is a collective approach to learning and development. CLOCK uses a broad or open curriculum interpreted and highly contextualised by a CLOCK qualified Sector Expert who works in one or more sectors of the creative industries.
The CLOCK programme uses Anthill Platform to support the validation and recognition of learning in non-formal, work, practice-based, and experiential contexts and is delivered through a peer mentoring process.

CLOCK Skill Sets

At the heart of CLOCK sit four skill sets, across and within which you will demonstrate various competencies. You choose to pursue the Creative Practice or Creative Entrepreneurship pathway to achieve CLOCK Sector Expert status and the associate award.
Creative Practice: Practical activities and the application of technical skills (using appropriate resources and materials) to undertake the practice and deliver work.
Creative Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurial activities and the application of enterprise skills (using appropriate resources and methods) to develop and support commercial and social enterprise.
Sharing Knowledge and Skills: Share your knowledge and skills with others in a professional context through peer-to-peer learning activities.
Developing Social Potential: Social and community activities that include and engage people, develop personal and professional capabilities, support mental and physical wellbeing, and build emotional intelligence and cross-cultural competence.

CLOCK Boot Camp (optional)

People who do CLOCK describe the CLOCK boot camp experience as transformative. Your practical, experiential, and nonformal learning is recognised and validated as we benchmark the skills and knowledge (across the skill sets outlined earlier) that you apply in your professional work, roles, and projects to specific industry and qualification levels.