Anthill is run by its members.
We Anthill Members run Anthill, we make decisions together and we evolve our community together. We together "own" Anthill.
"Blockchain and smart contracts are governance technologies that have the potential to provide higher levels of transparency while reducing bureaucracy with self-enforcing code. They can minimise existing principal-agent dilemmas of organisations and subsequent moral hazards. Tokens of distributed networks hereby provide incentives to automatically align interests in the absence of third parties."


We achieve consensus by voting. Our voting power is connected to our individual rank. Our Ranking System measures members' contributions to the community.


Anthill members (token holders) can submit proposals, for example on how to improve and evolve Anthill, or to finance a specific project, a festival, a movie and so on. Other members can vote on these proposals and once the quorum is reached the proposals go to Public Referenda, where the community can vote.
The Custodians (elected by the community) validate the proposal and if in line with Anthill Community Constitution, they make the required changes.
The Technical Committee (elected by the community) checks the proposal if it is technically doable, checks for vulnerabilities and doesn't bring risks to the existing code.
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