The Community

self-governed, run by the members
Anyone can join the Anthill, but those that gain the most are those interested in creativity.|
Anthill community is run by its members, each member has voting power, each one of us can propose ideas and vote for them.
We together can adjust and adapt our community to our needs and change everything we want. Implement new mechanisms, add and remove rules. Together we fully control how the Anthill DAO works.

MEMBERS - Ants & Colonies

Anthill is the home for creatives and anyone that want to support creativity. To be an Ant you must believe in the power of contribution. The more you give the more you get.
You can join Anthils as Individuals (Ants) or Organisations (Colonies). Read more about colonies here

If you belong to one of these categories, Anthill is for you:

You believe you belong to Anthill (no question asked) • Artist (any form of art, no limits) • Creative MindYou Work in the Creative IndustryInvestor (invest in creatives, art projects, crypto, Ant Token, businesses that work in the creative industry) • A fan, a lover of arts and creativity, an art collector etc. you are a group, collective, company, organisation, association, community, charity, school, studio, theatre, etc • Marketing and Communication Blockchain Developer • Software Engineer, AI, Robotics etc • You offer services to creatives and in the creative industry (lawyer, accountant, etc) • Community Manager • Intellectual • Content Creator


You can join Anthill before the launch day. Register yourself on to gain first access.


  • Get First Access to Anthill. (Be the coolest kid on Earth)
  • Free Lottery Tickets. With $10,000 worth of tokens and coupons.
  • Start Ranking up before everyone else. Earn the early adopter achievement and get more voting power and passive income.
  • Receive the rarest and coolest early adopter NFT.
  • Colonies can get their Colony Name for free.
  • Get a plot of Anthill Metaverse land.
  • Make Anthill look like you! Contribute and participate in the development and promotion of the Anthill Community.


Community Ambassadors will work closely with the Anthill Core Team. Their role is to support and enable the community to become more active more often and help with the community's growth. An ambassador's main task is engaging with potential colonies and people from the creative industry, helping them understand how Anthill can benefit them. To support them in the first few steps and invite them to join Anthill's activities. You will be responsible for:
  • Lead or coordinate activities and sessions within the community for others to be active
  • Help others to improve their ranking with activity
  • Be a positive influencer within the community
  • Be the voice of your circle – help Anthill better understand local issues
  • Be a representative on Anthill Community locally
  • Promoting Anthill and the opportunities present in the community
Interested to become an Ambassador? Come and talk to us on Discord.


Our voting power is connected to the contribution we give to the community. The more we contribute the more voting power we have. Doesn’t matter how famous you are, how rich you are or well connected you are. Doesn’t matter where you come from, your ethnicity, your gender or sexuality. Nothing matters apart from your contribution to making the community and the collective intelligence grow. Create, innovate, contribute, help, facilitate, support, do the art you love and the Anthill will reward you for your contribution. (read about Anthill Governance System here)


Anyone can join Anthill for free. The free account gives what most members need.
We also have some advanced tools that can be accessed via a membership.
Some of the memberships are for our physical space. These allow access to the co-working and co-studio spaces plus other benefits.
The online memberships are for getting specific support and tools, for example, advanced marketing, support and tools and support for finding job opportunities, help with our educational program, extra file storage and more.
There are memberships specific for Investors (Ants and Colonies). Those are for accessing support and advanced DeFi (Decentralised FIance) tools.
We believe in financial inclusion. Anthill memberships will be affordable and easily covered by our Universal Contribution Income rewarded for the members' activities.


Custodians are voted by the community, they are community members whose role is to update the code and manage the day by day activities of the community.
Any Ant Member can become a custodian. To submit yourself as a custodian you must have a high level of contribution to the community, this is calculated by Anthill Ranking System (see Ranking System)
The community at the moment has 3 custodians. The number of custodians will grow according to the size of the community. We follow the prime number to decide the numbers of custodians we have. ( 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23,... )