Gamified Virtual and Augmented Reality Environment
Anthill Metaverse is a gamified virtual and augmented reality environment with a token economy that keeps bringing benefits to the community.
A virtual world at the disposal of Anthill Members and Ant Colonies to do anything they like, from events to games, to exhibitions, live music, schools, parties... anything they dream of.


Ants and Colonies may purchase, from Anthill Community, virtual plots of land as NFTs and run their own activities on it. Plots can be traded or rented out to others.
Part of the Metaverse's land is reserved for communal use via our Working Proposal System. This part of the land is owned by Anthill Community and will never be sold.
There is a limited amount of land plots available in the Metaverse for sale, they can be purchased from Anthill on Opensea. Every month for a three-year period, several plots of land go on sale until all the plots are sold.


The only way to mint (create) new plots of land is through our Edu System. Every member that gets a certified qualification through our educational system, from level 1 to PhD, is rewarded with a plot of land or a portion of it. The percentage of the plot is in proportion to the qualification level and the market value of the land. The aim here is to repay the cost of the qualification and a bit more.
Investors could finance students in exchange for the newly minted land or for part of it.


Land-Plot NFTs are minted and then sold by Anthill Community Treasury. 10% fee, from the re-selling value or from earnings by renting of land is paid to the Anthill Treasury. The Ant Tokens (ANTT) earned by the Anthill Treasury get burned (destroyed) or used to buy digital assets (Bitcoin etc.) according to the needs of the Token Economy Algorithm.
This is the best way to contribute financially as the destruction of ANTT creates scarcity in the market supply, this pushes the value of the ANTT up while holding digital assets in the treasury stabilise the value of the ANTT.


There are 1,000,000 pre-minted plots of land and are distributed in this way:
  • 30% owned by Anthill Community (not for sale)
  • 64% on sale via the auction (three-year running sale)
  • 3% goes to Anthill HQ Limited (released over three-year time)
  • 1% get distributed to Colonies and Members that join the Anthill before the launch day.
  • 1.5% get distributed as a reward to the liquidity providers that provide liquidity before the launch day and lock their LP token for 6 months.
  • 0.5% goes to the Ants that participated in the MVP (experimental phase)
  • an estimated 1% per year of new-minted plots are created as a reward given to Ants that complete our educational system (dynamic inflation capped at 2% per year)
*those numbers are a reference of intention. Final numbers will be released before the launch day.


Ant Members can create and profit from the sale/rent of digital assets for the Metaverse as well as offer services related to the development of activities in the Metaverse. Hire a few bands and organise the biggest virtual festival ever. Or place an augmented reality stage at Glastonbury Festival and have bands in the Metaverse perform on it.
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