Anthill Ecosystem


Build your profile and upload your portfolio, connect and collaborate with other members of the community, join other colonies, participate in the community governance, check your finances and much, much more...


You now have your very own online storefront where you can sell your services, products and NFTs. You can also buy and share your favourite pieces from fellow Anthill members.


Anthill gives you a Universal Contribution Income. This financial support is rewarded in proportion to your participation in the community. Participation in the form of engagement, investment, token staking, creating content, contribution to the community governance and more). The more you Contribute, the more you Earn. (see Ranking System).


A team of Ants are always hunting job opportunities and potential projects. Your next project can come to you. Spend more time creating and less time hustling your next move.


Get together to create, collaborate, and explore new ideas. We are designing our spaces to foster human connection, spark meaningful collaborations, and unlock the full potential within our community. (co-studios and co-working space)


Practice-based Learning & Practice-led Research. When using the platform, evidence of your work gets collected. According to your level of professional expertise (Skills), you can receive a qualification up to PhD level, for a fifth of the price. Read more here


Anthill helps members to monetise their content. This is a paid service that pushes content over different platforms and use Anthill's network and connections to bring value to members. Anthill Treasury gets between 10% to 20% of the earnings. Bringing in this way value back to the entire community.


Anthill can allocate budgets to finance community projects. Ants and Colonies can submit proposals and get their project financed. From a festival to a movie, to mental health support. Thanks to our governance we can achieve consensus and finance our dreams.


A bounty is a deal offered by Anthill to its members to work on a specific project that benefits the community. Members and Colonies can receive recognition and compensation for their work.


Anthill Metaverse is a 3D virtual world at the disposal of Anthill members to do anything they like, from events to games, to exhibitions, live music, schools, parties... anything we want. Read more here