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    Forever, creatives have been trapped.
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    It’s time we freed ourselves!
Our vision is to be the world’s most respectfully inclusive and radically diverse home for creatives. We are on a mission to provide a safe space for connection, learning, and earning with imagination, innovation and ingenuity.
We are allies, we are advocates, we are creators, and we welcome all who share our ethos.
In an increasingly commodified world, creatives are forced to make challenging decisions that flatten and compromise vision, meaning, and direction. Could a world exist where creatives can free themselves to create as we please? A world free from the dominant centralized institutions, where nothing is stopping us from dreaming bigger and achieving ultimate creative vision? A world where anyone is free to create regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender, education, or disability?
The experience of most creatives is that of the struggling artist. Historically pilfered by executives and industry leaders, creative talent has been underpaid and underappreciated by the powerful few. Recently, streaming services have only exacerbated this uneven power dynamic. However, with burgeoning blockchain and crypto technology we’ve finally arrived at a moment in time that allows the creation of the world we’ve been waiting for.
Driven by decentralized governance, Anthill is a place where the most inspiring voices become the loudest, and where the most generous are the most rewarded. We are a technicolor tapestry of human expression. We believe the picture cannot be complete without a full pallet, and that every song deserves to be sung by each voice. It is with this mindset that we allow individuals, and their colonies, to reach for the best in themselves and others.
Anthill embraces the idea of the colony, that is, the unique roles & identities that are essential to growth, connection, and the exploration of meaningful creative freedom.
As creators, we understand that to create is not only a vision, it’s also a calling. We can answer that calling by collectively liberating our constraints and giving others permission to do the same.
Therefore, we feel it is essential that we share our message. We have no claim to the future, only a set of principles and values shared by the community that will define our path:
  • We embrace diversity because there are voices that deserve to be heard, having been drowned out for too long.
  • We collaborate because the liberation of the self is achieved by serving each other.
  • We are a community of free thoughts, separate from traditional political & capital influence.
  • We support each other equally because we give all of ourselves to our creative calling.
  • We celebrate the success of one as the success of the many because we are community-owned.
We are a diverse & collective intelligence, collaborating in the pursuit of creative freedom. We are Anthill.