Ranking System

Voting Power and UBI received
Each member of the community earns two coefficients: one representing the member's economic stake (i.e., ANTT token holdings), and one representing the member's community contribution (i.e., hours contributed towards the betterment of community goals). These two coefficients determine the distributions of Anthill Universal Contribution Income UCI (passive income) and Voting Power in the community.

Community Contribution Coefficients.

Each community member has a total community contribution coefficient, which represents the member's total contributions to eight different categories. Each member earns a category coefficient for each category, by accumulating points in that category. To give other members a shared understanding of community contributions, each member's profile displays a level for each category.

Economic Contribution Coefficients.

Each community member has contribution economic coefficients, which are calculated by their stake and their financial contributions.

Voting Power and Universal Contribution Income distribution

UCI is distributed according to the community contribution coefficient. Each member earns this form of passive income as long as they contribute to the community. The more you give the more you earn. Voting Power is given in proportion to the member contribution. The higher your contribution, the higher your ranking and the higher your voting power

Defining goals for the Ranking System

  • Decentralisation of power
  • Decentralisation of 'wealth'
  • Fairness, equity, inclusion
  • Stability of ANT token value
  • Growth of ANT token value
  • Growth of community
  • Stability of community governance

The eight categories are:


The more you use the platform the more experience you gain, this is connected to the time and number of interactions you have done on the platform. Together with your Achievements, this ranking allows the unlocking of our advanced tools on your account.


On Anthill Platform there are some specific tasks that get rewarded. Each one of them once compleate is recognised as an achievement. Each one of them gives you an NFT (locked to your account) that together with the Experience LVL, gives you access to new tools.

Content Contribution

The more content you create and share the more is your contribution to the community. This is rewarded with the Content Ranking.

Service and Product Contribution

The more successful you are in the marketplace by offering quality services and products and/or purchasing services and products the more you rank up in this category.

Governance Contribution

You can contribute by voting and making propositions on how to shape and improve the Anthill Community

Mentoring Contribution

This category measures your contribution in providing peer mentoring to other community members. To become a community peer mentor you have to gain experience and get some specific achievements (EDU)

Treasury Contribution

Using the Anthill Agency and participating in our Bounties means you give part of your earnings back to the Anthill Community Treasury. This is considered a financial contribution that is rewarded by this ranking category.

Financial Contribution

We value financial contribution in the form of participation in the Anthill Token Liquidity Pool, in locking the ANT Token (staking), in purchasing the ANTB (bond), in investing in the community, individuals and colonies projects
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