Anthill Community

The First Decentralised Global Community for the Creatives

The New Way Creators Earn.

Welcome to the world's most inclusive and diverse home for Creatives. Anthill is a Global Community that gives financial support to all members. It's the place where creative minds can connect, collaborate and support each other.
Anthill is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) its primary objective is to support human creativity and the creative industry as a whole The creative process needs to be financially sustainable. Anthill has built a new economy capable of achieving financial sustainability for those that want to contribute.
Anthill is where we celebrate each other's dreams; we help each other to build and turn those dreams into reality. Where the success of one is the success of all. It's where we give to each other and receive from one another. Welcome to the contribution economy.

Collective Intelligence

Anthill is a collective identity. A form of intelligence.
Anthill believes in collective intelligence and the importance of collaboration. Sharing and remixing ideas is what is needed to achieve greater art and innovation.
True intelligence is collective intelligence, one that does not just follow pure logic and rationality but one also that has the courage to explore feelings and emotions. Intelligence is more significant when it has input from multiple sources and has different realities to draw from.
This is only achievable by utilising our human diversities as the essential elements of our collective intelligence. Using our senses, experiences, emotions and interpretations of our divergent realities allows us to achieve a higher level of understanding. It enables us to see and understand what we couldn't grasp from one singular perspective.
At Anthill, minority and marginalised voices get loud and their contribution is honoured.
By collaborating, we can connect with each other’s views and ideas allowing each of us to learn and explore numerous interpretations of realities. All these inspiring inputs are necessary for limitless creativity. Sharing and trusting foster new art and inspire innovation.
We also need creative intelligence to help overcome many (political, cultural, social, finalcial…. ) challenges we currently face.
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